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Nemo’s Garden: An Underwater Biosphere Blooms at Gilboa Quarry in Ottawa Ohio  

Gilboa Quarry in Ottawa Ohio, has long been considered one of the premier Midwest dive locations. Offering spring-fed clear waters, an impressive marine life population and numerous underwater attractions to explore, Gilboa has long been revered among SCUBA divers since over 30 years ago and boasts depths ranging from 30ft to 140ft – ideal conditions for both novice and technical divers looking to develop their skills further.
In April 2021, an exciting transformation began to take place at Gilboa Quarry when Full Tank LLC acquired ownership. Since then, the quarry has undergone many improvements to enhance the customer experience. Now, under the new management and with the help of Ocean Reef, together they have breathed fresh life into the quarry.
Ocean Reef, known for its innovative diving equipment, launched the Nemo’s Garden project in 2012. Sergio Gamberini was inspired to combine his love for both diving and gardening into one revolutionary idea – creating underwater biospheres to grow plants such as basil 20 feet below the Italian Riviera surface. The first successful experiment included cultivating basil within one such transparent biosphere.
Ocean Reef has recently expanded their offerings by unveiling the world’s first freshwater biosphere at Gilboa Quarry. Working alongside with Ocean Reef, Gilboa Quarry will soon provide visitors with exclusive tours through Nemo’s Garden which immerse visitors into an underwater world where plants thrive beneath its surface.
Visitors participating in guided tours will experience various exciting activities, such as:
• Use of specialized diving equipment: With specially tailored diving gear designed to complement the aquatic biosphere environment, guests will fully immerse themselves in an extraordinary underwater adventure.
• Tending to the Plants: Tour participants will gain hands-on experience caring for aquatic plants, exploring all of its intricacies.
• Scientific Studies: Guests will document plant growth and participate in scientific studies that increase their knowledge of underwater ecosystems and sustainability.
• Underwater Photo Ops: Thanks to underwater FaceTime access through WIFI, visitors can capture unforgettable moments in this captivating environment.
• Live Stream Feature: Nemo’s Garden livestream will showcase some of its most breathtaking moments during tours, enabling visitors to share in this unforgettable experience with others via various social media platforms and websites.
Ocean Reef’s innovative approach to underwater biospheres combined with Gilboa Quarry’s breathtaking natural beauty results in an incredibly immersive experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Under the care of Full Tank LLC and Ocean Reef, Gilboa Quarry has been transformed into an aquatic enthusiast’s haven seeking adventure, wonder, and an understanding of underwater world. Nemo’s Garden stands as an important milestone in underwater exploration; welcoming visitors from across the globe who wish to witness how nature meets innovation in such stunning fashion.
 For more information about Gilboa Quarry, please visit www.gilboaquarry.com. For media inquiries or further assistance, please contact:
Gilboa Quarry – info@gilboaquarry.com
For more information about Nemo’s Garden and the OceanReefGroup – OCEAN REEF, please visit www.nemosgarden.com . For media inquiries or further assistance, please contact:
Nemo’s Garden – nemosgarden@oceanreefgroup.com
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