2021 Prices


    • Daily SCUBA Diver $32/day
    • Daily Freediver/Snorkeler/Paddler $25/day
    • Daily Non-Diver $5/day
    • Tent Camping (per night) $15/person
    • Parking for RV/Camper with Electric BY RESERVATION ONLY $40/night
    • Daily Dog Fee (proof of valid rabies shot required, must remain leashed) $10/day
    • Single Tank Air Fill $10/ea
    • Single Tank Nitrox Blend $14+/ea 
    • Oxygen $0.40/cubic foot
    • Quarry Side Parking $5/day Mon – Thu   $15/day Fri – Sun


    • Wetsuit $30/day
    • BCD $25/day
    • Regulator Set $35/day
    • Single Tank w/Air $15/day
    • Single Tank w/Nitrox <40% $18/day
    • Single Tank w/Nitrox >40% $22/day
    • Pony Bottle w/ Regulator $30/day
    • Booties/Hoods/Gloves $5/day
    • Mask/Fins/Snorkel $5/day
    • Weights with or w/o Weight Belt $5/day

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